Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rings, Fingers and the Cold Weather

My Aunt Georgine wasn't really my Aunt, she was my mother's aunt. She was a historian and a publisher with an admirable amount of knowledge on the state of Florida. She had a dry, witty sense of humor & her common sense was deeper than that of the biggest sinkholes in the state. She and her husband had no children and at the time of her passing, I was well into my thirties, unwed and with no children.
I can hear her in my head now...'Paige hasn't gotten married, give this to her when she does. Wait a minute...hold old is she now? Hell, she might not ever get married! Give it to her now.'
I was given her wedding band and have worn it on the only finger it fit since... the ring finger on my right hand.
Last year, I was diagnosed with Raynauds Syndrome....a weird syndrome that basically means there is mis-communication between the circulatory system and the nervous system. It causes hand pain, weakness, numbness and most notably a lack of blood flow to the fingers.
A week or so ago, I had my first flair up since the weather changed. It impacted all of my fingers and the bulk of my hand.
Then I had a slight accident at work resulting in a tiny razor cut in the webbing between my ring finger and bird finger.
In the night, as I slept, my hand swelled and well, I haven't been able to get Georgine's ring back on ever since.
Besides the obvious...such as I need to quit smoking & stay out of the cold, I can't help but wonder if there is some under-lying, profound reason that I no longer can wear Aunt Georgine's ring...


Orhan Kahn said...
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Orhan Kahn said...

Don't look too deep into it, my dear. You're forever married to the carrying spirit that drives us all to do a whole lot of good and a little bit of bad ;)

Love, peace and fire. Always :)

PS. Pedo Bear removed just for you. It is forever the little things that make this so special.


karma lennon said...

I wouldn't look too deep into it either. Just a case of some weird luck. But take care of yourself, love!!! (Says the most self-destructive girl on the planet. ;)).

Dee said...

it means you need to quit smoking (or at least cut down to one or two a day). <3 D.

singleton said...

It means we have Raynauds, it is what it is, and we need to live together in a teeny weeny little shack by the sea,
where our rings fit
perfectly into paper
fortune tellers
hand me down rings
and the only thing cold is the beer!

singleton said...

"where our fingers fit
perfectly into paper
fortune tellers
hand me down rings!"

singleton said...

or our toes fit perfectly
into paper fortune tellers
well, you know....

Mel said...

Oh, pay no attention to me--but yaKNOW I'm one who believes there's purpose in everything, even if we don't/can't see it.

So..Yep--of course there's reasons for the ring not fitting on the finger.....

I'd be interested in the significance you've pondered over.
Cuz--well, yaknow...LOL.....I'm like that!


Oceanshaman said...

I'm with your sis . . . I think this means an island in the Caribbean, or perhaps a central american beach, for you . . . where continuous warmth pervades . . .

To match your spirit . . .

P&L . . .

Shimmerrings said...

I think it means much more ... and time will tell ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh i do tink there are reasons, we just dont know exactly what, my wedding bands have been off for 1 year, never before, and i know there is a reason they sit quietly on the shelf waiting. love you, and you know i do!! kimbies

skinnylittlesister said...

Aww... Orhan! You so sweet, he was a creepy little thing! ;) Hey, wontcha come on over & we'll have a peaceful little bonfire out back ;) Lol, you know everything means something to me!

Karma...Lol, I tried this dad-gummed ring on 3x today...still not happening! I think it means my fingers are forever swollen! It has been a week! Perhaps, it's time to stash her away for one of the youngins.

Singleton....Lol! Yes, I know! I need to move to the beach and let the salt water waves bring me my rings and soothe my aching hands! ILYSVM!

Mel...Lol, I like Sing & Oceans idea! Actually, I had wondered if it was a token reminder that although my circle (of love) is golden, it may be time for me to expand it a little...

Oceans...Yes! That's the underlying kind of meaning I was looking for! ;) Is there a demand for professional beach bums anywhere?

Shimmerings...I think so too, even though I may never really know what it may represent...I can still believe.

Oh Kimbies...Lawd Do I Love You! You know I remember once sitting with my feet in the surf with a friend and a large wave suddenly crashed at our feet. Somehow when it pulled back it swiped my gold toe ring away & when I exclaimed, my friend lurched into the pulling waters to search. I laughed, knowing that it will find it's place and time... the same holds true with us, our rings, I know. ILYSVM!

Orhan Kahn said...

We know each other too well.


Mel said...

<-- trusts that there's room enough in that heart of yours


Expansion is a good thing!


People with Raynauds
(I'm one too)
lean toward also having bouts with tendonitis in one or both hands. Usually caused by repetitive motions, inflamming the tendons.Very painful. Moist heat, Ibuprofen, and limited use, (yeah, right) helps.

So perhaps you're doing something over & over, that if you're able to, you should stop it for a while,,,,see if the swelling/pain get better.
-Dr. Babs


PS: an aspirin every other day or so also helps to keep the blood flowing, increasing circulation,,,helping the Raynaud's.
(I'm just one website short of a medical degree)