Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Take the Quizzle Fa Nizzle Scha Nizzlel Quiz

Ok, so it's fair to say that the worlds economy is a little effed up right now.
Some folks are panic-stricken... others, seem not to care.

I care, but I am not panic stricken... I have lived a lifetime working hard and no matter how much or how little I make, I always seem to find myself in repeated states of being broke.

I have learned to expect the unexpected and to know that when you have two nickels to rub together it is a sure sign that at minimum, one to three things are bound to happen...
maybe it will be a root canal
or an oak limb that crashes through the roof
maybe it will even be the transmission on the car
hmmm, there's always an ill-time for an emergency vet bill
and water-heaters go when the time is right for them, not you.

enjoying the fact that I do not have two nickels to rub together and relishing in the hope, belief and faith that surely this means I will not have any emergency vet bills, root canals, car repairs or home repairs to deal with most immediately... I found myself galloping around the WWW.
What I found was https://www.quizzle.com/

Might I suggest that all of you check it out. Not only is it free, as in totally free, no gimmicks, no contracts, no 'cancel within 3 months,' but it is also informative and best yet...it is all about YOU and everyone likes to learn about themselves.

They basically offer a very user-friendly view of your credit report, along with score (both numerical and the simpler letter grade) as well as a letter grade for your home value, your savings, your debt/income ratio and such. I was surprised to find out that I have one B, one D and the A's in everything else. It also gives you tips and hints on ways to improve your ratings.

Lol...me? I have to get another job...one making more money, or a secondary job to supplement the sometimes close to seventy hours a week I work... Funny, even they didn't propse I take on a room-mate!


Anne said...

Some of us can handle a little broke-ness without panicking. Good for us. :)

Mel said...

I went. I saw. I took. I passed!


<--likes having nickles but can survive....

Oceanshaman said...

It's all good . . . all the time . . . this kind of stuff just helps us simplify . . . which I believe, based on personal experience and the teachings of wise lights through the ages, helps us connect more fully to the divine flow . . .

Happy day, skinny . . .

karma lennon said...

I'm so used to being broke, I know no other way of living. Doesn't bother me! :) Am going to take the quizzie though.

skinnylittlesister said...

Lol, Anne...Yes, some of us have more experience than others ;)

Mel...hahaha, good for you! Pretty interesting & a little re-assuring in these iffy times.

Oceans...happy day to you! Yes, the link definitely simplifies... which I think some folks need to right now...uhm, some of us more than others ;)

Karma....Me & you girl...Always broke & never poor! Muah!

PS All... enjoyed a great get-away with my brother-love and sister sing... played in the sidewalk chalk, made plaster face masks, drank lemon drops and ate lobster claws...a delightful time. Oh yeah & came home with another stray dog!

Anonymous said...


You know times are tough girl, when your spare change can no longer get you that bean burrito at Taco Hell! But like you and the others above, broke is my way of life:)


Yep,,,,we've learned the big life lesson:
1.If you have two nickels and only spend one, that's called saving for a rainy day.
2. If you have a nickel saved for a rainy day,you can bet it's gonna cost two nickels to get your roof repaired.

Interesting site, interesting post,
(and a room mate might just borrow your nickel.)

Anonymous said...

Persichetti...hahaha, I dont think thirty five cents would get us nachos & cheese anymore! The dogs don't realize how good they have got it!

Wilsonart...Lol! I am sure you are right about the room-mate thing!