Saturday, July 07, 2007

Doomsday, So They Say...

'A beautiful flower for a beautiful little girl.'
Here, sweet child, a gift from God.'
'Have you been saved?'
'I am a Child of God, are you not?'
'Are you ready for the end of the World?'
'The End is Near'
'There's still time for redemption.'
'Prepare for Doom.'
'Please, take this complimentary bible.'
'Yes, it is yours for free.'
'We only request a small donation...'
'Does your mother have any money?'
'Don't you believe in giving to God's children?'
'Have you ever heard of the eternal fire?'
'Are you Y2K ready?'
'Do you believe the end is near?'
'These are signs of the time.'
'A meteor...'
'God's wrath...'
'Mans' sins...'
'Alignment with the sun...'

'Here, you can have God's flower back...'

'I am not allowed to accept gifts from strangers, thank you.'

How many times must we face the End of the World?
It was everyday back in the seventies, every other day in the eighties, at the end of the decade, the century, the millennium in the nineties and now we are only left with what some believe has been prophesied by the I Ching & the Mayans, 2012...the end of the world.

Who knows? Maybe we will align with only the Sun separating us from the black hole of the Milky way. Maybe Tijuana will become the new North pole. Maybe we will get sucked up into that black hole. Maybe a meteor will smash into our planet Earth causing another ice-age. Maybe we will all get so damn festered up in sin that we destroy ourselves, much like cells infected with herpes self-destruct. Maybe global warming will continue to the point that all of earth turns into a flashy fireball.
Maybe the tsunamis, hurricanes, droughts & fires are the sign of the times. Maybe the political degeneration is a sign. Maybe South Park & Paris Hilton are the signs. Maybe the emotional detachment displayed by petty thiefs turned felony murderers, serial rapists, abused orphans growing to become the abuser are the signs. Maybe commercialism, capitalism & consumerism are the signs.
I do not know these things.
But I do know that if I had been preparing for the end of the world since I first saw the hare krishnas, the moonies or whoever else toting those signs, I would have been sorely disappointed time after time.
I don't believe in the end of the world.
In my world, things don't end... they simply change.
Trash becomes treasures, scars become maps, strangers become gods & angels, sqeaky white sand become slippers, planets become marbles, bill collectors become alarm clocks, laughter becomes a plaque, tears become supper and yet, I try to remain the same. But, things in my world simply change.
All is good in the neighborhood. Thank you sister for bringing me to tears last night with laughter. Thank you Eric1313 for your open mind. Thank you Anne for your wisdom, generosity & inspiration. Thank you Orhan for being there when you didn't even know it. Thank you anonymous for 'Beautiful Lady Freedom.' Until Next Time ~ Peace/Love


Anonymous said...

I'm the first, woo hoo! Been leaving messages for you. I'm now singing Bowie..."Ch ch ch changes, turn and face the strange changes".
ILY SB (so there is no confusion)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Anonymous SB~ ILY2! I'm juggling phone lines right now...I'd love to sing the blues with you tonight! Come out & play! Ch-ch-changes!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Turn & face the strange!

singleton said...

Go girl! Turn and face The Stage!

skinnylittleblonde said...

hahaha...I so love you girls.
Ok, I'm off to meet the band & face the strange! P&L

eric313 said...

Skinny, you did great. Iwas hoping you'd create. And you created from people's warnings of destruction. My family was JWs. They all talked very happily about the end days and about all kinds of horrible things being done to true believers and you had to be strong.........

My god never sat down and used infinite wisdom to devise a place of eternal torment.

My world is not somebody's etchasketch for when they get tired of it.

God made everything and let it all go; we have good feelings and silent prayers of the heart. They are the most listened to things. Those effect people around us just by our thinking and feeling them and saying it and writing and painting it.

Your good vibes alone stop the end of the world!

p~l friend.

Mel said...

I'm.......not the first! LOL ;-)

But I'm glad for the world changing.
And I'm glad for me changing, too.

Even if it took every bit of ack and ick to bring me to where I am, today.....I'm grateful for the ack and ick cuz HERE is an awesome place to be.

Dunno about the end of the world.
Dunno that it's mine TO know.
But I DO know that I ate too many biscuits at Red Lobster tonight!
(some things ARE my business! LOL)

*sending lotsa positive, joyous thoughts to you (and yours!)*

singleton said...

hey, skinny little sunshine, did you sign me up for something?
peace, love, and what's that in my mailbox?

kj said...

"scars become maps"

skinny, these 3 words are your gift to me this day, this year. '


Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Amen to that! Sooo true, why can't we all stop worrying about dying, and simply just LIVE??

Beerspitnight said...

The end of the world may be near, sometimes I can even feel its apocalyptic breath on the back of my neck as I sit around and watch South Park's kids warn me of the end of the world, and make me laugh....

Enemy of the Republic said...

Reading this made me sad for some reason. But that isn't criticism--it just means that you moved me.

eric313 said...

I hope the inspiration was contagious and it's till going on for you. We need to party again sometime on the back porch. Thanks for everything you two brought to the table. That really is a big part of inspiration, when you are working with people who have equally wild imaginations.


mindy said...

i like the idea that things don't end, they just change. beautiful!!

skinnylittleblonde said...

eric1313- really no matter what label of religion folks carry, I think everyone has their own individual divine principles by which they live. Even the non-believers believe... at least in non-believing. Yesterday, before I wrote this post, someone asked me if the end of the world was coming what we should do...hunker down? build forts? I laughed and said 'why waste time doing that? Just enjoy the moment!' Every end seems to usher in a new beginning, be it dinosaurs or employers. Thank you for being an open spirit.

Mel ~ Even if it took every bit of ack and ick to bring me to where I am, today.....I'm grateful for the ack and ick cuz HERE is an awesome place to be. AMEN!
Ummmm....biscuits from Red Lobster...YUMMY! I could make a meal out of them alone!

Singleton~ hahhaha, yes I did! An extra set of eyes, my dear! ILY!

skinnylittleblonde said...

KJ ~ Scars are so much more than mars and marks upon our flesh, aren't they. They are kinda maps of where we have been, timelines of our experiences, evidence of our living & more.

Shrink~ My sentiments exactly! This whole post was born out of a brief conversation yesterday where I thought... Good Lawd, how many times do I have to live through the end of the world? ;)

BeerSpit~ Lol...wait until Hurricane season kicks in on you down there & your sitting with a bathtub full of water, candles ready & doors breathing.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Enemy~ Never mean to make anyone sad honey... change is necessary, inevitable & ultimately, good.

Eric~ Thank you...inspiration, like laughter, is very contagious...I'll party on the patio with you anytime!

mindy~ Seems to be true, at least in my world. Btw,your new icon is beautiful... is that you?

eric313 said...

Thanks for the inspiration, yourself. Your end of the world theme made me think about a lot of stuff that like that and it became poetry on my site last night.

I wrote another item over at singlton's. You'll see it. If she already hasn't.

piktor said...

Skinny, here's a pickle story from New York, complete with Brooklyn accent and the woiks:

Anonymous said...

hello bello dama,
who knows when the end will come? Why can't the sun blow up tomorrow? There is no way for us to when the sun has reached the end of it's life. Knowing that is the case...shouldn't one let one know their true feelings for another?

JR's Thumbprints said...

Yet, we plod forward.

Orhan Kahn said...

And only together, as strangers and lovers, can we simple change.

(Forgive me Paige, I'd normally decipher the hidden message but brain is scrambled today -- your post, however, does resemble the tone of A Matter of Opinion which is pretty sweet)

singleton said...

i know you're up, the eyes have got it! Call me sweetie!

skinnylittleblonde said...

eric1313~ I guess, inspiration, like everything else natural in this world , just grows & grows & grows... sometimes changing form, purpose & cause as it travels from person to person. Once again... the butterfly effect. P&L2U.

Piktor~ Interesting. Ill have to check it out later.

Anonymous~ You will have to come up with an anonymous signature, like Anonymous SB I can tell you folks apart ;) With or without the end of the world, I think open, honest & clear communication is always healthier for the mind & spirit in the long run.

jrs thumbprints~ Lol, really, what else is there to do? It's been a while, I will have to re-link you as I think my old link got hi-jacked.

Orhan~ Half the world apart, but on the same page. Just know that I appreciate you.

Singleton~ Loved waking to your voice this morning! Will be sending you a package this week ... henna, levi's & some, so keep your eyes peeled. ILYSVFM!

Nithya N said...

Trash becomes treasures, scars become maps, strangers become gods & angels, sqeaky white sand become slippers, planets become marbles, bill collectors become alarm clocks, laughter becomes a plaque, tears become supper and yet, I try to remain the same

what do i say..WOW.

btw i have something for you on my blog.

just me said...

As always, beautiful. A gift to us all.

mindy said...

it is me. it's my goth look. haha!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Nithya~ blow me away girl! Thank you very much though. Hahaha what's gonna happen to the world with so many thinking women? ;)

Justme~ Thank you, although I didn't intend for anything here to be beautiful, or sad, as someone else mentioned earlier...just rambling on.

Mindy~ Lol...I love it! Although your all-American photo was just as beautiful. I've always wondered what I would look like with my hair dyed black.

SpongyBones said...

Unbelievable that you posted this today. A friend and I was sitting on the back porch last night drinking some beer and was a little messed up if you know what I mean, and we were discussing the end of the world and how we thought it would happen. He is Muslim and I’m Baptist so it was pretty interesting that we both thought that it would end the same way for the same reason. I may have to post on that conversation someday.

Anyway, I’m not worried about it … it’s one of those things that’s going to happen no matter what anyone does or says. It’s already written into history. I’m comfortable with my afterlife and where I’m heading … and I’m pretty damn happy with the folks like you and your sis that are in my life, not to mention many others. I consider myself a lucky man to just have lived up until this minute. Every one of the minutes is a gift and hey I’m here to grab them with no expectations for the next!

Damn, that’s more serious than I’ve been in months!

eric313 said...

Skinny! Thank you for your words of support. You helped me through last night. If I had strated to type last night, I would have been a revenge machine. But I thought of you and Sing's words and let it go overnight. Now I'm singing the soul of peace. Thank you both for your caring. It's nice for a change.

P~L and all that is good
Clink! Tink!

singleton said...

my precious prophetic skinny....
I watched the world end today. Doomsday fall from the air. Crash, burning from a perfectly blue sky. And I knew.

Tonight, the lake was but a funeral procession, traffic, a walkstill, headlights like candles, as we tried to quietly pass on our way home to life.

Pray, people, pray....

skinnylittleblonde said...

Spongy~ You are of my type of world ... a world where we don't evaluate glasses being half full or half empty, but rather how enjoyable their contents may be.

Eric~ Clink! Tink! You! And All That Is Good! Your words are beautiful & if you romanticize the news, the graveyards, the moon ... more power to you!

Singleton~ The whole day has been kinda in a funk, but everyday brings more change, more change than we could ever predict, sister. I am so glad you were on the bridge. SILYSVM...MTYCEK

singleton said...

No, baby, not more than I can ever know.....
for it is the same.....
since that very first moment, that you born, wild haired and "I've had this baby before......" And I was busy riding bikes, climbing trees, digging forts, listening to rancid jokes....And I knew.....

eric313 said...

Hey there, Skinny. Hope yall are alright. I snuck a computer, lets go get drunk on the back porch.

Peace and Clink! Tink!

Behind Blue Eyes said...

I refuse to think about the end of the world and it pisses me off when they teach it in church. You know, long ago people died so much easier than they do now because they didn't have the medical advances yet. So, it was easy to keep people in line. The next world was right there waiting, it could be your turn tomorrow. So they stayed close to God out of fear. Now, death is not all around us as it used to be, so they have come up with this new device. I don't think that this should be a way to get people closer to God.

piktor said...

Skinny, do you want to be interviewed by Enemy of the Republic? Go to her blog and sign up for the interview.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Singleton~ May we never forget....xoxox

Eric~ Yes! We will have to make a date! Hmmmm....Maybe Sunday night?

BBE~ In that respect, I guess it all boils down to power & control.

piktor~ Lol, do you want me to be interviewed? If so, why dontcha interview me yourself? ;) Lol, actually that type of meme is much more insightful than many others I have seen.

singleton said...

Hey! We're havin' a party on Sunday?

eric313 said...

Are we? Sweet.

I need so need a party. I'm gonna win the lotto one day, and we will all party down. Or graduate college, and party all day!

skinnylittleblonde said...

I think we should! Sunday a time that might be good for Orhan... maybe 7 or so?

she said...


going back to re-read right now...