Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fox News

I always wanted to be a news reporter as a kid.
Nearly 30 years ago, 20/20 was my favorite evening program. My peers were into Dallas. While other young girls idolized Farrah Fawcett, I admired Barbara Walters.
I wanted to be on TV.
I wanted to speak right... without the southern drawl.
I was into current events, politics, society, economy, the space program, technological advances & the little people & the vast places & the things that mattered & the things that were going on that would impact the things that would be.
I dreamed of traveling the world over.
I dreamed of uncovering the truth.
I dreamed of making a change.
I wanted to be smart & outspoken & defy all sterotypes of a SLB.
Then, I grew up.
And, I have always been afraid that instead, I would simply make the news in some crazy ass way...

Now as close as I get to the news is Orhan & that seems to work out wonderfully for me.


singleton said...

God, ILY SLb...I wanted to go to Africa and do whatever needed to be done, I studied religious philosophy because I couldn't understand preaching, but always wanted to understand, I pitched my southern drawl in the 8th grade, when one too many people said "Say, it again... Where are you from?" and I drawled in 8 syllables instead of 4...Peeeennnnsaaaaacooooollllaaa. I wanted to change the world, too. Now I just want to live in it. Survive it. have peace. There are no TV's here. No newspapers. But there's Orhan. To remind me. It's a real world. You can't ever lose touch with that. Peace~love~and one day were gonna all sit in a circle in a real world and clink! to the fact that we threw out those black boxes and B & W tabloids and found each other!

JustRun said...

We had a neighbor, as kids, that would always say goodbye by saying "see ya, kids... and stay out of the news!" Good advice. Mostly.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Sister Singleton~ Lol, and Lord knows I Love You! Here's to 'Live in it. Survive it. Have peace....' Perhaps we should plan on a Blakey run sometime soon so that we can really 'clink' :) Who needs TV when you have a real life? Hahahaha

JustRun~ ROTFLMAO...I can hear it! Ah, words from the elders... so true...Lol. 'Don't go getting yourself in the news...'

she said...

i like thinking this thought

...God having better plans for us, than we can come up with for ourselves...

and i love this from your sister:

"...we threw out those black boxes and B & W tabloids and found each other!"

-seems to me, you are everthing you'd hoped you would be

intelligent, articulate, and making a positive difference in the world

in the best way possible:

~by being you!

keep up the good work

there's only one barbara walters
and only one skinny little blond

as it should be! "cheers!"

piktor said...

Skinny, you are making a difference, as we speak.

Your blog is a joy to read.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol... when I posted this I was was really just an extension of something I had said the day before which was 'I always wanted to be a news reporter, but I have never wanted to make the news.'

She~ I love your words and those words that you love. Your perspective is so refreshing.

piktor~ thanks honey. You too & you know, none of us will ever really know the full extent in which we make an impact on others.

paddy said...

Nice one Skinny. Y;-) Paddy

Anonymous said...

for shari
I apologize for any troubles with you paige. I still beleive what I said happened happened.
And the motive for it worked. I lose SLB......take care you all, and I hopt things work out well for you - DC

kj said...

skinny, what i really want to say is if you still want to be a reporter you can be one. honest.

as for your rambles, they rock.


singleton said...

yeah you rock baby ilysvvfm cant use any punctuation exclamation mark because i am totally lost on this borrowed brief case but you rock baby gawd i wish you we could follow each other through those double doors on friday night and rock and roll

Mel said...


I had such a gooooooood time going on that I made the newspapers more than once.

Better to be write the headlines than to BE the headlines?


Nithya N said...

you are so like me. seriously!!!!
that's a dream i still cherish..though i really am as helpless as a mouse in the ocean ( is helpless right?) i hope i'll find a way..may be soon.

Hammer said...

a worthy goal. I wish the current news people felt the same way

eric313 said...

You are smart and outspoken. You aren't just a SLB. You climb up the walls and your words praise what you hold most holly--just like the poem says.

And I never pictured you all with the accent. I used to sound like the old shake and bake commercial! (its shake and bake, and I helped...)

Here's something sad:

When I was a child fresh up from Tennessee living in Port Huron, Michigan, the teachers at my elementary school made me go to a speech therapy classs in the middle of the school day every day, just to get rid of my southern accent.

I was just fine with it.

Someone else didn't like the way I made words.

Fuck those fucking fuckers.


Anger issues.

That's why I want to be a teacher (professor, actually), to never do that and teach everyone to use any word in exitence--no matter what.

Peace out, friend.

eric313 said...

...but you are an SLB--just not the stereotype!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Paddy~ ;)Just sharing some 'reflections'

AnonDC~ Not sure who you are apologizing to, but no harm meant nor done over here. I have much bigger fish to fry in my kitchen right now. Your comment sounds so doom & gloom that I worry about you two. As far as everything you two are going through, all I can say in my current state of mind is a little bit of honesty goes a long ways & that although sometimes the truth may be shocking & hard to does get swallowed. Dishonesty has a tendency to get spat back in one's face, sometimes painfully so & in ways never imagined. I have repeatedly said that life is for living, learning & loving. I really do believe this. Everyone makes mistakes. Those that love us just want to understand those mistakes & help us learn from them. I am here & support the two of you in whatever way that I may.
Whew! This was more like a letter, than a comment!

kj~ Lol, no I really don't, but thanks. I know you are right. No one is ever too old to chase their dreams.

Singleton ~ You & me too, as far as the double-doors go. today, I JUST KNOW, you will be getting your melted machine back.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Mel~ Lol, how am I NOT surprised! Hahaha, my folks thought I was a wild-child but I know you would have put me to shame! Making the newspaper somehow is a bit different than making the evening news though. Lol, I have made each, but only for a glimpse (thank goodness) when I was younger.

Nithya~ You Silly Little Mouse! Of course you will find a way...just keep paddling! If my Grandmother were here, she'd have some choice wise words for you. If you have the time & inclination read 'String Bikinis & Words of Wisdom' on far right towards bottom. (((I believe in you girl)))

Hammer~ Some of them do. I was just turned on to a journalist by the name of Jim Ott, who seems to be sincere & not sold out by the likes of Lohan & Hilton.

skinnylittleblonde said...

Eric~ Lol...I can remember that commercial! Too funny! I have an accent only when I need one ;) like when getting pulled over or when my car breaks down (a trick I learned from my mother) As far as childhood specialties, I too, was thrown into special classes & even medicated...not for my speech, but my behavior. Seems teachers didn't like kids who stood still but continued to windmill their arms or kids that would scrap if they felt they had to ;) I majored in education myself, but opt not to teach. I still consider it a noble life-choice & I encourage you to persue it. Get 'giggi' with it! ;)P&L babe!

Beerspitnight said...

"And, I have always been afraid that instead, I would simply make the news in some crazy ass way..."

At least your aspirations are not mediocre ones. If you're gonna be on the news best be it because you did something crazy. What a shame it would be to happen to make it onto the TV for something weak, like choking on a piece of meat in a restuarant and having some other dining patron come up to your choking ass, put his arms around you, and heave the obstruction from you throat. That would be weak.
Like I told my buddy the other day; "You better not die in a lame way, like a car accident. You need to die in a cool manner - like getting stabbed by your wife after she walked in on you with 4 really hot chicks in your bed."

-perhaps I am failing to make sense...if so, my bad. My head is in the clouds today and for no particular reason...

Orhan Kahn said...

Ohnoes. I feel bad now; DoRP is transforming into a more personal blog. What timing :(

There will always be Week in Review and Wait, What and whatever else I feel qualified to comment about.

Two reasons why I've done this is because the world around me is changing, what I mean is 2 months ago life was almost the complete opposite of what it is now and so I feel the need to get more personal with people such as yourself, through DoRP.

I'm yet to create a tutorial on how to use MSN because I've been so very busy, but I will (hope the tutorial on how to maintain your PC worked well for you and your sister). And I want you and Singy to use MSN, if only to chat with me every couple of nights (you can have conference chats). (I have four people on my chat list; I've had about 50 over my lifetime whom I've added and deleted for various reasons)

Paige, I can't wait to come to Florida. I have three things to save money for now; a new bed, an engagment ring and my ticket to the beach.

Thanks for the plug on your blog, that makes the heart melt. I do hope you forgive me for not changing my avatar considering it is a bit of a process.

Peace and love. Always.

- Brother O-Man.

skinnylittleblonde said...

First & foremost ...Congrats on the engagement!!!! How exciting! Have you already set a date?
Lol, you change as you like on your blog...I am along for the ride & probably less news is better news!
You should not have much time to upkeep that extensive blog of yours as detailed as it has been anyway... lol, you will have to be working time and a half to do everything you have on your hit list!
I don't understand the whole msn messenger thing... could my computer be overstuffed? I will email you in a spell... until then & as always. Peace. Love.

Beerspit~ If I was drinking a beer when I read your comment, I would have spit it out...laughing! It made complete sense to me & perhaps your head is in the clouds because you get a better view from up there!

singleton said...

Orhan...congrats! All the way around! We'll do the clink heard round the world at the Tiki Bar!

skinny little sib...ILYSVVFM! Dusting off my fly swatter....

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

News reporter? Did you say news reporter?

Aha - let me tell you ....

I wanted to be a pilot, but entered journalism straight out of university and have been a magazine and newspaper editor - and would not give it up for the world.

I was a sportswriter who got a world excluive interview with Bjorn Borg when he quit tennis at the height of his powers.

Journalism! The best profession ....

Would love to hear from you



Orhan Kahn said...

Love you two so very much :)

Angela Marie said...

Paige! I never imagined you with a southern drawl! As I read on, I realize that your sis has one too!

I love your blog! Just coming to it and reading your words, has made a difference in my life since I have been blogging. I found you through Vicci, you and your sis! I hear you loud and clear, no static here. You are beautiful! Inside and out!


skinnylittleblonde said...

David ~ Lol...yes, you seem to have a dream job indeed...I don't see how you find time to blog! I'll have to bop over to your blog bubble tonight after work.

Orhan~ MMWAH! (Never sent my email last night, but will hopefully tonight)

Angela Marie~ ;)We don't have southern accents at all...ironically enough the furthest north I have ever lived is northern Vicci is a beautiful, sage & artistic woman, like you, and I really feel like yawl (;))have enriched my life. TY.

JR's Thumbprints said...

I dreamed of teaching convicted felons for the Michigan Department of Corrections. My dream came true. Or was it a nightmare?

SpongyBones said...

I would watch you every newscast, podcast and blogcast!!! Hell I would TVIO you!!! I would get TIVO to record you ... yes I would stop my habit with Lindsey Lohan to spend time watching you ... we could make a movie of your newscast!

tine b said...

thanks for that post. I recently, a couple of weeks ago, stranded in the Utah Desert without gas (yep, amateur) and got a fifty mile ride with Mark, a Polish trucker to the next gas station for a tank to take back to the car. My childhood dream was to be a trucker, and as I sat on Mark's bed in his little house and drove through the salt desert, I totally knew why I'd had the dream, but also kinda appreciated that things turned out differently. The romantic idea of being a snail, driving with your little house right behind you, the long hauls, the freedom, at least in theory, I like that. The endless movement. Mark forced me to accept one of his Diet Cokes, that disturbed my experience slightly. And he told me about his wife in Chicago, that he doesn't see for weeks at a time. I don't know, it all got into perspective. Thanks for your dream, and hey, you are actually on my tv now, at least the screen I spend the daily hours watching :)

eric313 said...

I'm a giggi as I can be

You all are the best there is around. You help me to open up big time.

I was also in trouble for the same things. And for being the biggest da dreamer there is. I'd love to teach kids, but I what I really want to do and am giggi about doing right now is finishing my bachelor's in English and and getting my Master's in Creative Writing. I'm the College teacher--everyone there will be paying to listen to me, not like kids. That would be a nightmare to me.

Really, tough, I just want to be a wild poet who writes one to eight poems a night! College proffesor's can afford to do that. I've assisted with profs like my friend Michelle in editing, organizing, typing of hand written notes, checked over papers and tests. They work twenty hours a week, thirty and more if busy for short periods of time. That's full time, too.

I want that life and thing's keep getting in the way! I got kicked out of my house again wednesday night and slept in my car until everyone was gone, then snuck home, charged the cellphone, answered a few emails, updated my post with sing's paper airplane pic that so went with the poem, but that's it. Can't even concentrate long enuogh for this rambling to make sense.

Had a doctor's crud to do, more shots and blod and a procedure yesterday and had to stay at sis's using her computer before pasing out last night. And I missed my final in the morning on wednesday. I have to talk to my prof down there and hope he understands what's up and see if I can retake it. I missed a lot this summer because of things like this, so now I'm looking to move directly to downtown Detroit and rent a loft with my friend Fred, high up above the mix, looking at that picture you see on top of my blog every time. I'll be in the 313 again. That's gonna rock.

It's a place called the Leland Hotel, that has City Club in it's basement and another "alternative" bar above it, then like six floors of appartments and lofts. Fun fun! I'm also trying to get a job with BLue Cross Blue Sheild of Michigan, since their corporate office is just a few blocks over.

I just hate when my writing starts to take fire again and this shit happens. I'm like down to 120 and can't even eat to survive in my own house--embarrasingly enough, it's my folks I'm with. They mistake hard work writing as doing nothing, just like everyone growing up. I've been writing on and off for a long time now, and in the last fem months it really has become the greatest source of peace in my life and at the same time, it's rose up to be some of the best writing around--except for people like my friend Michelle and Singleton and the rest. It feels ruined this morning, and yesterday and every other day. I don't know.

Gonna try to get a post together now. I'm at the college, in the library, so at least it's quiet--except that I type loud. Check Sing's pic out!

And while your there, I need you to right click the Creative Blogger award and the Thoughtful blogger award, save each pic and post them here!


Because I nominate you and Singleton both for them!

Creative for your use of pics and well thought out rambles to tell us about yourself and your art, and to express your opinions and emotions and ideas very well.

Thoughtful because you are! You make sure that everyone feels welcome here. You never ignore anyone--except obnoxious anonymous people begging for pics, which is good and you should do, since I have a crazy stalker professor dude who wil occasionally pop in and say nasty crap about me and in my name. That's why I will never post anonymously. Always I will be signed in. And the stalker only follows me sometimes, because of shit at another blog--I battle evil with gusto and passion. I've seen him threaten the most brutal violence on women (specificaly, my good friend) that you can ever threaten a person with. So I dug some dirt on him (that wasn't hard at all to do, since the guy is a screwball) and really humilliated him on many occasions, especially lately. But he has gone to many blogs after me--most people delete him and never say anything to me about it, but it does bother me. And my firend is weven upset at me, I think because I've been so zealous in fighting him online. Couldn't help it. I don't think he said anything about me here, but I do know that I think he was that "I'm not a voyeur..." anon guy. He is exactly that kind of dufus, and acts just like that on the blog he's fixated on. That's why I'm gald you didn't post another pic. He bothers michelle because she always posts pics, and she won't change just because she's being threatened. She writes beautifully every day and lets nothing stop her. She's my example of how to behave one's elf, in that respect. But she's shy and doesn't respond to comments very often--which is not me at all. Just the dedication--not to mention, she's my main teaher who got me to this point with her encouragement. Often, she was the only one who would read my work--I can't help but love her for that. I'm just glad to have met all the great writing/artist friends I've met and keep meeting. You and Sing have taken over that writing fiend thing for m. She's really glad to see me grow lately--and to me, she knew so much and taught me everything she could, but there's only so much you can learn from one person. She taught me to teach myself, too, and that's been going awesome right here in this little circle of patios and porches. Now I always try to pass on what she taught me, and in return, I learn more everyday, thruogh meaningful writing between friends.

Everyone in this library is looking at the crying guerilla typista right now.

Now they stopped--I looked up and stared at them all, snuffled and boom, instant respect for the emotional bag carriers like me.

Thanks for listening to a King size ramble, sweetie. You are so cool. Talk to yo when I get the chance. I'm going to nominate a feww people--and when I have it figured out who all will get what, I'll post that, too.

eric313 said...

And it was Tuesday night I got the boot. That sucked.

eric313 said...

clink! tink!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Jr's thumbprint~ Your job sounds interesting & I imagine that if I had it, I would enjoy I'm sure you do! Feels good to make a difference, doesn't it? I was a maid one time...for a day & that is the only job I can think of that I didn't like.

Spongy~ Lol... I could be a rockstar newscaster & you could be my number #1 fan. I'd uncover the secret of where the spider-pig stays for you!

Tine b~ I really need to come see you! Truly things seem to always work out the way they are meant to be.(I'm so glad said trucker was a good guy when you ran out of gas) I worked books for two trucking companies in college & those men are so undervalued in society & they so deserve to make 6 digits. It is long, hard work, quite stressful at times & they never receive an accolades.

Eric1313~ Ramble on! Now's the time, the time is now... Ramble On! So are you still sleeping in the car or have your folks let you back in until you get your new place situated?
I've done a number of things in life that my folks haven't supported or encouraged. Perhaps I will do an entire post on it because it'll allow me the space to really ramble (like I am so fond of doing;)
Lol, it seems that there are a number of folks who think that they know who was leaving those comments. Too funny. Generally speaking, I have no problems with anon comments & don't give two hoots who it is. Should they want to be anonymous, I imagine there is a reason for it. I never felt stalked, intimidated or harassed. For a spell, I did feel concern that it may have been a friend in a bad place, but that concern passed. Most anon commenters are actually folks that know me in the real world & don't blog.
Sister Sing is an inspiration to me in ways I could never articulate. People talk about & question the existence of soulmates. Not me. I believe in them. I believe in multitudes of them. I believe they come in all forms & I am so blessed to have one that is my sister & friend.
ut-oh...another letter instead of a comment from the Skinny!

eric313 said...

I just mean that one specific set of anon comments the one day. I know that most are your friends.

Thanks for listening. Wrote a new post. It's very hippie inspired. Hope you like it!

And I dropped a line to my friend, hoping her the very best. I feel better now. It was the rambling effect! Peace!

mindy said...

i can't even watch the news anymore. if i do, i need valium just to make me feel better.

eric313 said...

Oh, and my sis lets me crash at her place, sometimes, and other friends, just a couple nights when short notice happens and the shit hits the fan. I always fight back when people piss me off, and that's what gets me in trouble.

Thank you for your concern, SLB.

Gotta go, see you soon!
Clink to the millions

skinnylittleblonde said...

Eric~ Absolutely loved your new post! Glad you have a place to rest your head...

Mindy~ Lol, no kidding! I am to the age where if I frown for thirty minutes, those lines stay there all basically that means the news ages me anymore!

Orhan Kahn said...

No rush, sweetie.

I'll be sending you something in the mail over the next couple of weeks.

We both now have something to wait for ;)

skinnylittleblonde said...

Sending me something? Hmmmmm ... how very exciting! ;) Even if it's a spent book of matches from your local dive! Can't wait!

bellevoce said...

Networking is great. I love finding other bloggers through other random bloggers.

Anyways, I feel you. Journalist was on my list of future aspirations at one point. You "dreamed of making a change." I still do. I have a lot of time ahead of me (much schooling) and I'm sure more growing up to do.

Maybe that crazy ass way that you'll make the news, won't be so scary, but maybe influential... I don't know, just a thought from someone on the other side of the US.