Saturday, July 21, 2007

Well, the henna party has been put on hold...but nope, not me. I figure if I get some practice in now... I'll be pretty darn good at working this henna stuff just in time for when that Henna Party is meant-to-be.

Every reasonable woman armed with Henna should begin with an anklet of naked ladies reaching, stretching, flying around towards the small moon and star. Then she should certainly plant some wildflowers, front & back. Finally, the butterfly should top it all off.
Timmy-toes was even treated to a smiling sunburst. Pic of sunburst is blurry, but it shows the actual Henna, whereas the others show the Henna stain.
Singleton, I'm sending you Henna along with some keepsakes from the Bucket of Paint ;)

Just how many more bottle of beer are on the wall?


singleton said...

Gawd, I love you, and blogger is eating my words faster than we can grab the bottles from the wall! I can't wait to paint naked ladies, butterflies and whatever the henna feels! You rock, little one, you rock!

singleton said...

Let's hear it for those blues! TY BOP!

eric313 said...
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skinnylittleblonde said...

Lol Singleton ... they were eating mine across the board this morning!
Look for the Blues, Rumor has it they are coming to a town near you!

Eric~ You really are amazing. It would take me one #2 pencil & 3 erasers to create something half as beautiful as that. I am honored, speechless & touched. (((Thank you Eric))) i feel like I have just been blessed with a beautiful adoring crown of peaceful, poetic words whispering assurances in my ears. TY!

Matt said...

Simmer down, Skinny. Simmer down....

singleton said...

SLB...Oh, girl, you deserve a beautiful adoring crown of peace, poetic words whispering assurances in your ear! Wear it well, baby!

eric313 said...

you do wear it well!

eric313 said...

Hoep to see yall around on the patio or porch soon.

wreckless said...

Very cool! I need to check into someone local who can do that!

skinnylittleblonde said...

Matt~ Why on earth would I want to simmer down? I haven't even gotten fired up yet!

Singleton~ Lol, thank you. I don't know that I could ever do them justice...nor do I know that I would even strive the good sun & the cool waters, perhaps I'll just soak it up. TY&ILYSVFM.

eric~ Just got back from the river & must admit, I am quite buzzed. Lol, Sunday beer on a Saturday will do that to ya! I probably should sit down, lay down & hush up.

Wreckless~ Be wreckless and try to do it yourself. It was as easy as google & henna. If you screw it up, it just fades away!

eric313 said...

I just got home, too.

see you whenever you feel up to reading a new post.

Glad we all had fun today and tonight.

eric313 said...

Ramblings in Henna Stain

She's done it a million times before;
Tattoo our collective soul
by hand
or by mouth
the words following her lead,
lines bending, shape and simmer
to her delight--
clever noose,
or rainbow bridge
--whatever your eyes want to see

She calls them ramblings,
others call them singing--
praising that
which is most holy

We're all listening to the echoes...
her electronic church choir voice
on ellegant unclipped wings,
the enchanting effect--
secrets gleaming in her family's eyes,
diamond tiara of all sunsets afire.

She is the whole circle.

She is the sound of peace winning.

She is more than a metaphor.

She's done this a million times before...
So let heaven eavesdrop
and learn this mortal lesson:
It only hurts
when you fight her song's
impetuous allure.

There. This is the perfect version of the poem. Subtle but very important changes had to be made for it to be exactly right. Keep both versions, if you print it up! You never know. This was a good one. Maybe it will fly!
See you tomorrow, friend.
TY(what does ty mean?)

Bardouble29 said...

Eric - I use TY as Thank You...but there are probably different interpretations.

Skinny, I love the henna on you. It is subtle, and beautiful. I am closer to figuring out where I am gonna get my tat done and can't wait to show everyone...(and prove to Spongy I don't chicken feathers anymore.)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Those are beautiful. Sorry I have been a shit blogger. I owe Singleton a similar apology. I love you guys.

skinnylittleblonde said...

BarD~ Ewwwwww....I can't wait. Please share when the time is right! One day I hope to get the golden mermaid on my shoulder. She's so pretty & looks like my Kimbies.

Enemy~ think you have been shitty! Let me introduce you to me! xoxox

singleton said...

tink! yeah, baby, where there's a will, there's a way!

piktor said...

Skinny, try this link:

eric313 said...

TY! for the info.

Can't wait to see my poem. Don't make me come over their and graffiti up your pages next! You might like that, though, so I'll keep it in mind!

hope you rest well tonight. Sing will need you to post in her abscence. Or I"ll do it. Just type the randomest of words and grab the wings that you see spring out of their backs.

Look at me, telling you how to ramble! lol!

tink! clink!

Orhan Kahn said...

Love the pictures.

Hena, ftw!

Mel said...

Wow......ends up looking like iodine art!

Very cool.

Nithya N said...

hennahalways reminds me of my granny's place, the celebration and the crowded biiiig house and the giant banyan tree that stood in the middle of the village..and much more. but it's the natural hennah that had a sweet smell. i don't like these fake ones that replaced my dear old hennah

she said...

313: awesome! "..let heaven eavesdrop.." great start to finish, but especially love how you wrapped it up so beautifully

slb: love it! -you are the party! the henna is beautiful..
i wouldn't be able to wait either. i'd decorate my body, then grab passersby

JustRun said...

Well I still want to come to the party... some day!

Beerspitnight said...

They look good! Your next step should be to a good tattoo shop so those designs can become part of you!

SpongyBones said...

Time to party ... you can paint on me no matter what you paint!~

Hammer said...

I saw some of those at a music festival one time. Never knew what they were till now.

Good work!

eric313 said...

Party on, Skinny!

Hope your day was fantastic, and that we all party very soon.

Have fun, friend. Talk to you soon! I just posted so ye-hah!

vicci said...

Oh YES!!!! I am so at your HENNA partee..........looks like GREAT fun! :-)

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia.

I followed your link from Carol Cooper's blog (shrink-wrapped scream).

Henna parties - sounds familiar. Not that I've done 'em (he hastens to add, looking around furtively!) but I grew up in India, where they were an absolute hoot.

Have enjoyed your blog. I knew Carol's judgement would be great.

Do let me know if I can blogroll you.



eric313 said...

Henna me on high
with the angels singing--
they know your name, too!

your smile is a halo
you walk through clouds
you write on the skin

but it's the soul
that recieves
the blessing

the real stain

eric313 said...

scrap that last line, and it's good!
thanks for the comments!

Zero is the circle unbroken, so nothing is everything
and if all we have are our thoughts,
hopes, dreams and nothing else, then we are free. And look what freedom brings us.


singleton said...

She is the real stain. Marked for life, I am. With love! Tink!

kj said...

what don't i understand about all this? i feel clueless....


annie said...

Henna reminds me of sumtin i don wanna tink about.

eric313 said...

Henna drips down from on high
with the angels singing--
they know your name, too

your smile is a halo
you walk through clouds
you write on our skin

but it's the soul
that recieves
the blessing

the real stain
marking for life
with love by the drop

yeah, that rocks. Another colaboration with Sing. You all rule! And of course I answered you back on the page, Paiger. Have fun and I hope to talk to you soon.
Clink! Tink!

Crashdummie said...

wow, wicked henna tatoos!

Dee said...

Looking forward to w-henna we get together! (Ugh, I know..)